Design Studies explore and discover new possibilities and refine traditions in natural materials through design and production.

Design Studies was founded in 2013 by Hans Peter Blichfeldt Dinesen and Mikkel Vestergaard. With their underlying fondness of and curiosity about wood, Design Studies began as a radical innovation unit of Dinesen.

Today, Design Studies is an independent studio, but retains a symbiotic and dynamic collaboration with Dinesen where they, on a current basis, engage in creative and innovative collaborative projects, often involving third parties.


– Design collaborations
– Concept/product development
– Bespoke furniture/objects
– Production


01 Art Direction / Graphic Design — 2021

For more information please contact Nikolaj Bonde
at nb@design-studies.dk


Design Studies
Klovtoftvej 2
DK-6630 Rødding

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