Design Studies have an innate aspiration to widening their perception of the latent possibilities concealed in natural materials.

Forever changeable

Natural materials are forever changeable and this awareness is the spark that fires the working of the material for Design Studies. Natural materials should be acknowledged and if you do that while working with them, you will be able to share in the joy and experience the particular narratives concealed in them.


Since its inception, Design Studies have accumulated an archive of material knowledge used when creating unique, sensuous, and well-designed products. Design-Studies discern good design where the materials hidden aspects is evoked, showing the living aspect as well as presenting its sensuousness.

Searching for Leftovers


It is important to Design Studies to find collaboration partners who share the same set of values and approach to design, but master a different craft, applying different modes of expression. Such collaboration partners will help retain a degree of agility resulting in unique research and products.