With an explorative approach to bespoke interior design we transform natural materials into minimalistic interior design and objects in a respectful and honest way. Based on our own aesthetic and design principles we design and produce bespoke objects and furniture and collaborate with architects and interior designers from all over the world. We design and produce bespoke furniture for residential as well as professional and public interiors. Below we showcase selected interior projects, furniture and objects from various projects.


Client: Various Clients
Service: Bespoke Furniture and Objects
Year: 2021
Bespoke furniture for local copenhagen apartment including: Sofa, Coffee table, Dining chairs, Dining Table.
Detail — Bespoke Sofa in Dinesen Heart oak
Low Cylinder Table — Solid Dinesen douglas base .
Bricks Object for the opening of Dixon Coal office in London — Made from surplus Dinesen oak.
Bespoke douglas table for the Dinesen Showroom at Mejlborg in Aarhus (Dk). In collaboration with Studio David Thulstrup
SMILET is based on the simple fact that creativity promotes the joy of life, positive energy and well-being in us all, and especially children and young people. Creativity supports development and the ability to master difficult situations. Which is why spaces like SMILET are so important for the children and their families who are in treatment for longer periods of time. Being the first, of hopefully many, SMILET is designed to be a creative refuge for the the children and their families, where they, for the time being, can forget about the troubles on the outside, by being creative together.

In collaboration with @smilfonden , Rigshospitalet, @dinesen and architect Sune Mogensen we designed and manufactured selection of bespoke furniture for SMILET, including a frame for a fish tank, a collaborative working desk, and three solid Douglas pine pedestals for the children and families to exhibit their creations.