ARoS is an international art museum, every year presenting art from its approximately hundred-and-sixty-year-old collection as well as exhibitions by some of the most prominent past and contemporary artists. Moreover, the museum is set in an iconic building and when a bench had to be designed for the newly-established orangery, the criterion was for it to interact with the building’s cubist architecture and the circular installation Your Rainbow Panorama by Olafur Eliasson. 

In the development process, Design Studies sought inspiration from boat-builders whose tradition of steam-bending planks served as valuable advice, so that a before unseen method of bending metre-long wooden planks could be used to realize a unique product. The bench measures twenty-six metres and consists of four sections, emulating the circular shape of the space. 

Client: ARoS
Service: Bespoke bench
Collaborator: Dinesen
Year: 2019