Mejlborg Basement

With the vision of creating a space enabling architects and designers to gain inspiration and sense good products and materials, Design Studies created a library of materials in the basement of the historical building Mejlborg in Aarhus. 

With Dinesen’s showroom on the ground floor, Design Studies wanted to create a complementary lab, opening up Dinesen’s activities beyond those of wood. The Mejlborg Basement presents a variety of natural materials to inspire the ambitions of architects and designers to create complete spaces shaped by a variety of materials. The keynote of the basement is neutral to accentuate and offset the materials and the space exudes tranquillity, simplicity, and sensuousness. 

Aside from a materials library, a showroom, meeting facilities, and a lounge, Design-Studies have created a space for immersion where one steps into a dark insulated space and listens to the sounds made by a one-hundred-and-thirty-year-old Douglas fir from the Black Forest.

Client: Dinesen
Service: Concept development & bespoke furniture
Collaborators: Ekstra & Christian Haulund Nielsen, Dinesen
Year: 2018